United Islands of Prague on Rohan Island

24 June 2017 Bubny Alternative Stage moved its visual element from the place of memory to the United Islands of Prague epicenter on Rohan Island. When the time came for the drumming... read more

The new LAYERS OF MEMORY gallery

23 June 2017 The new Layers of Memory gallery commenced its artistic intervention into the Bubny Station brownfield site.The first painting was created by the Jamming group of artists on... read more

The memorial of silence

A place that saw tens of thousands of Prague's Jewish citizens embark on their way to the unknown.
A place that served as the imaginary boundary between being and non-being.
A place that saw the post-war transfer of Prague's Germans.
A place that has been and continues to be a part of city's life and whose memory carries an important legacy for the present.

THE MEMORIAL OF SILENCE is the planned transformation of Bubny railway station into a center for discussing the legacy of the past as a stigma of the present. The project is being realized by the non-profit Prague Shoah Memorial (Památník šoa Praha o.p.s.)... read more