Cultural program


Fall 2017

Past Events

Monday, 11 September
8 p.m. - From Witness to Parable - a screening of documentaries on the roof of the Trade Fair Palace ... a follow-up seminar for secondary school filmmakers on how to tell the grand stories of the 20th century, a discussion on memories through film for those who wish to express themselves through modern media.

Thursday, 21 September - a new Station Bubny took to the air waves
... the introductory cultural program of the fall series features a new public communications project for the Memorial of Silence called Stanice Bubny (=Station Drums).
... Broadcasting directly from the place of memory, the radio is a platform for a new multicultural dialogue. The station is broadcasting on various frequencies, on the Internet and, first and foremost, at a place which has seen the passing of history.

Coming soon...

Drumming for Bubny

The now traditional commemoration of the anniversary of the first transport of Prague citizens of Jewish origin to leave during the war features renowned theatre performers and musicians.
Breaking the silence of the silent majority, this year's happening against the passivity of those who watched on in silence takes on new momentum, with the sound of Bubny Station.

Saturday, 14 October

16:00 Vojna (War) – Body Voice Band
... A theatre group of recent graduates from DAMU (Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts) present a musical drama based on E.F. Burian's classic production. Directed by Jaroslava Šiktancová and choreographed by Martin Pacek

Sunday, 15 October

17:00 Vojna (War) – Body Voice band

Monday, 16 October


17: 00 Inititation of Drumming for Bubny
... this year in collaboration with Slet bubeníků" – Gathering of Drummers, directed by Pavel Fajt.

18:30 Naming of the street in a 'non-place' in the city recent years Nicholas Winton has been discovered as a hero connected with the history of the "kindertransports". The stories of the families of those rescued end at Bubny Station. Our aim is to have the street that will one day run through the place of memory, connecting two parts of the city, named after the man who saved seven hundred children from the Final Solution...

19:00 Opening of the exhibition on the winning architectural study proposal for the revitalization of Bubny Station into a place of memory. ... The Chemistry Gallery presents its architectural study for the future Memorial of Silence

20:00 Concert – Slet bubeníků pro Bubny/Gathering of Drummers for Bubny
... Electra Hall, palác ORCO